Instrument cluster light control switch

Lexus GX / Lexus GX Owners Manual / When driving / Instrument cluster / Gauges and meters / Instrument cluster light control switch

The brightness of the instrument cluster lights can be adjusted.

1. Brighter

2. Darker

The meters and display illuminate when

The meters and display illuminate when

The “ENGINE START STOP” switch is in IGNITION ON mode.

Instrument cluster brightness adjustment

The instrument cluster brightness levels when the tail lights are on and off can be adjusted.

The brightness of the instrument cluster lights

When the tail lights are on, the brightness will change. However, when the sur- roundings are bright (daytime, etc.) turning on the tail lights will not change the instrument cluster brightness.

In addition, the brightness of the instrument cluster lights is automatically adjusted based on the light sensor detecting how bright the surroundings are.

When disconnecting and reconnecting battery terminals

The trip meter data will be reset.

If the trip meter was displayed last, the ODO screen will be displayed after reset- ting.


Setting of sensitivity of the ambient light sensor used for dimming the meter lights can be changed.


To prevent damage to the engine and its components

• Do not let the indicator needle of the tachometer enter the red zone, which indi- cates the maximum engine speed.

• The engine may be overheating if the engine coolant temperature gauge is in the red zone (H). In this case, immediately stop the vehicle in a safe place, and check the engine after it has cooled completely.

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