Trailer Tongue Weight

• A recommended tongue weight varies in accordance with the types of trailers or towing as described below.

• To ensure the recommended values shown below, the trailer must be loaded by referring to the following instructions.

• Tongue Weight

The gross trailer weight should be distributed so that the tongue weight is 9% to 11 %. (Tongue weight/Gross trailer weight × 100 = 9% to 11 %)

1. Gross trailer weight

1. Gross trailer weight

2. Tongue weight

If using a weight distributing hitch when towing, return the front axle to the same weight as before the trailer connection.

If front axle weight cannot be measured directly, measure the front fender height above the front axle before connection. Adjust weight distributing hitch torque until front fender is returned to the same height as before connection.

The gross trailer weight, gross axle weight and tongue weight can be measured with platform scales found at a highway weighing station, building supply company, trucking company, junk yard, etc.

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