Selecting a play mode

iPod menu mode. Press the “TUNE/SEL” knob to select iPod menu mode.

the play mode in the fol- lowing order: Turning the “TUNE/SEL” knob changes the play mode in the fol- lowing order:


the desired play mode.Press the “TUNE/SEL” knob to select the desired play mode.

 - Play mode list

 - Selecting a list

 - Selecting a list

the first selection list. Turn the “TUNE/SEL” knob to display the first selection list.

the desired item. Press the “TUNE/SEL” knob to select the desired item.

Pressing the knob changes to the second selection list.

the desired song name. Repeat the same procedure to select the desired song name.

To return to the previous selection list, select “GO BACK” or press the 4 ( Selecting songs ) button.

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