Using the hands-free phone system for the first time

Before using the hands-free phone system, it is necessary to register a cellular phone in the system. The system will enter phone registration mode automatically when starting the system with no cellular phone reg- istered. Follow the procedure below to register (pair) a cellular phone:

talk switch. Press the off-hook switch or the talk switch.

The introductory guidance and phone name registration instructions are heard.

command or the “TUNE/SEL” knob. Select “Pair Phone” using a voice command or the “TUNE/SEL” knob.

of the following methods: Register a phone name by either of the following methods:

a. Select “Record Name” using the “TUNE/SEL” knob, and say the name to be registered.

b. Press the talk switch and say the name to be registered.

A voice guidance instruction to confirm the input is heard.

or the “TUNE/SEL” knob. Select “Confirm” using a voice command or the “TUNE/SEL” knob.

A passkey is displayed and heard, and a voice guidance instruction for inputting the passkey into the cellular phone is heard.

phone. Input the passkey into the cellular phone.

Refer to the manual that comes with the cellular phone for the opera- tion of the phone.

Guidance for registration completion is heard.

If the cellular phone has a Bluetooth® audio player, the audio player can be registered at the same time. A voice guidance instruction to register a Bluetooth® audio player is heard.

command or the “TUNE/SEL” knob.Select “Yes” or “No” using a voice command or the “TUNE/SEL” knob.

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