Interior lights list

1.Personal/interior lights

1.Personal/interior lights

2.Personal/interior lights

3.Shift lever light (when the “ENGINE START STOP” switch is in ACCESSORY or IGNITION ON mode)

4.“ENGINE START STOP” switch light

5.Scuff lights (if equipped)

6.Footwell lights

7.Door courtesy lights

8.Running board lights

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    What is not covered
    This warranty does not cover damage or failures resulting directly or indirectly from any of the following: • Fire, accidents or theft • Abuse or negligence • Misuse — for example, racing ...

    If your vehicle overheats
    If the engine overheats: Stop the vehicle in a safe place and turn off the automatic air conditioning system. Check to see if steam is coming out from under the hood. If you see steam: Stop ...

    To sound the horn, press on or close to the mark. ...