Items to initialize

The following items must be initialized for normal system operation in cases
such as after the 12-volt battery is reconnected, or maintenance is performed
on the vehicle.

For owners

    See also:

    Route trace
    It is possible to store the traveled route up to 124 miles (200 km) and retrace the route on the display. :INFORMATION This feature is available on the map with more detailed map scale than 30 m ...

    Setting or changing the PIN
     - Setting a PIN Select “Set PIN” using a voice command or the “TUNE/SEL” knob. Enter a PIN using a voice command or the “TUNE/SEL” knob. When using the “TUNE/SEL” knob, ...

    Range covered by each camera
    1. Front monitor 2. Side-front simultaneous display monitor 3. Side-rear simultaneous display monitor 4. Rear monitor The illustration shown here is an example. As such, the actual visible area ...