Vehicle load limits

Vehicle load limits include total load capacity, seating capacity, TWR (Trailer Weight Rating) and cargo capacity.

- Total load capacity: 1285 lb. (580 kg)
Total load capacity means the combined weight of occupants, cargo and luggage.

- Seating capacity: 8 occupants (Front 2, Rear 6)
Seating capacity means the maximum number of occupants whose estimated average weight is 150 lb. (68 kg) per person.

Even if the number of occupants are within the seating capac- ity, do not exceed the total load capacity.

- TWR (Trailer Weight Rating): 7000 lb. (3175 kg)
TWR means the maximum gross trailer weight (trailer weight plus its cargo weight) that you vehicle is able to tow.

- Cargo capacity
Cargo capacity may increase or decrease depending on the weight and the number of occupants.

- Total load capacity and seating capacity
These details are also described on the tire and loading information label.


- Overloading the vehicle
Do not overload the vehicle.

It may not only cause damage to the tires, but also degrade steering and braking ability, resulting in an accident.

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