Power outlets

The power outlet can be used for the following components:

12 V: Accessories that run on less than 10 A
120 V AC: Accessories that use less than 100 W

Front (12 V)

►Rear (12V)

Rear (12V)

►Luggage compartment (120 V AC)

Luggage compartment (120 V AC)

- The power outlet can be used when

- The power outlet can be used when
12 V

120 V AC
The “ENGINE START STOP” switch is in IGNITION ON mode.


- To avoid damaging the power outlet
Close the power outlet lid when the power outlet is not in use.

Foreign objects or liquids that enter the power outlet may cause a short cir- cuit.

- To prevent the fuse from being blown
12 V
Do not use an accessory that uses more than 12 V 10 A.

120 V AC
Do not use a 120 V AC appliance that requires more than 100 W.

If a 120 V AC appliance that consumes more than 100 W is used, the pro- tection circuit will cut the power supply.

- To prevent the battery from being discharged
Do not use the power outlet longer than necessary when the engine is not running.

- Appliances that may not operate properly (120 V AC)
The following 120 V AC appliances may not operate properly even if their power consumption is under 100 W: l Appliances with high initial peak wattage
l Measuring devices that process precise data
l Other appliances that require an extremely stable power supply

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