If you think something is wrong

If you notice any of the following symptoms, your vehicle probably needs adjustment or repair. Contact your Lexus dealer as soon as possible.

- Visible symptoms
l Fluid leaks under the vehicle
(Water dripping from the air conditioning after use is normal.)
l Flat-looking tires or uneven tire wear
l Engine coolant temperature gauge needle continually points higher than normal
l Engine oil pressure gauge continually points lower than normal.
l Voltmeter continually points higher or lower than normal.

- Audible symptoms
l Changes in exhaust sound
l Excessive tire squeal when cornering
l Strange noises related to the suspension system
l Pinging or other noises related to the engine

- Operational symptoms
l Engine missing, stumbling or running rough
l Appreciable loss of power
l Vehicle pulls heavily to one side when braking

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