Front Air Conditioning System

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Press “CLIMATE” button to display the air conditioning operation screen. For details, refer to the Owner’s Manual.

1 Air conditioning operation screen display button

1 Air conditioning operation screen display button
2 Driver’s side temperature control
3 Automatic mode
4 4-zone operation switch
5 Rear air conditioning operation screen display switch
6 Passenger’s side temperature control
7 Rear air conditioning operation mode

■Using the automatic mode

1 Press the “AUTO” button.

1 Press the “AUTO” button.
2 Press temperature to increase the temperature and ■Adjusting the temperature in individual mode to decrease the temperature

■Adjusting the temperature in individual mode

In individual mode, the temperature for the driver’s, front passenger’s and rear seats can be adjusted separately.

1 Touch “4-ZONE” on the operation screen if its indicator is off.

2 Press the passenger’s side temperature control buttons to adjust the temperature for the passenger’s side. To adjust the temperature for the rear seats, see below.

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