Audio System

■Basic operation

1 Displaying audio control screen*

1 Displaying audio control screen*
2 Power/Volume
3 Setting the sound quality
4 Selecting audio sources

*: Various adjustments can be made in each mode.

For details, refer to the Owner’s Manual.


1 tation presets

1 tation presets
2 Displaying audio control screen
3 Seeking the frequency
4 Adjusting the frequency
5 Mute
6 Scanning for receivable stations

■Playing the CD/DVD player

1 Displaying audio control screen

1 Displaying audio control screen
2 Disc eject
3 Selecting track, file and chapter/fast forward/ rewind
4 Selecting track/file
5 Play/pause
6 Disc slot

■Control icons

Audio CD

1 Random playback

1 Random playback
2 Repeat play
3 Play/pause
4 Selecting a folder

MP3/WMA mode

► DVD video mode

DVD video mode

1 Menu screen

1 Menu screen
2 DVD option screen
3 Image display (full screen)
4 DVD operation

■Using the AUX port

1 Push the lid to open.

1 Push the lid to open.
2 Open the cover and connect the portable audio device.
3 Touch the “AUX” tab on the screen or press the “AUDIO” button repeatedly to change to AUX mode.

■Remote control (steering switches)

“MODE”: Turns the audio system on/off, or

“MODE”: Turns the audio system on/off, or changes the audio mode.

“+” or “-”: Adjusts the volume.

“∧” or “∨”: Radio mode - Radio tuner
CD mode - Disc/track/file(MP3/WMA) selection
DVD mode -Track/chapter/disc selection
Bluetooth® audio mode - Selects a track and album
iPod mode - Selects a track
USB memory mode - Selects a file and folder

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