Warranty parts list

Air Conditioning System
• Compressor
• Condenser
• Evaporator
• Associated parts

Air/Fuel Metering System
• Air/fuel ratio feedback control system
• Cold-start enrichment system
• Deceleration control system
• Electronic fuel injection system components

– Airflow sensor
– Engine control module (8/80)
– Throttle body
–Other components

Air Induction System
• Intake manifold and intake air surge tank

Air Injection System
• Air injection manifold
• Air injection pump
• Airflow control valves

Catalyst System
• Catalytic converter and protector (8/80)
• Constricted fuel filler neck
• Exhaust manifold
• Exhaust pipe (manifold to catalyst and/or catalyst to catalyst)

Evaporative Control System
• Charcoal canister
• Diaphragm valve
• Fuel filler cap
• Fuel tank
• Vapor liquid separator

Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) System
• EGR gas temperature sensor
• EGR valve
• Associated parts

Ignition System
• Distributor and internal parts
• Ignition coil and ignitor
• Ignition wires
• Spark plugs*

Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) System
• Oil filler cap
• PCV valve or orifice

Other Parts Used in Systems Listed
• Data link connector (8/80)
• Hoses, clamps, fittings, tubing and mounting hardware
• Malfunction indicator light and bulb (8/80)
• Pulleys, belts and idlers
• Sealing gaskets and devices
• Sensors, solenoids, switches and valves

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