Selecting vehicle height

Operating the switch changes vehicle rear height as follows:

1. Higher

1. Higher

2. Lower

Vehicle height can be adjusted only when the engine is running.

The selected height mode will be shown on the rear height control air suspension display.

The selected mode will flash while the height mode is being changed.

Height modes

• N mode (normal mode): For ordinary driving

Normal height

• HI mode (high mode): For driving on bumpy roads

1.6 in. (40 mm) higher than the normal rear height

HI mode cannot be selected when vehicle speed exceeds 18 mph

(30 km/h).

• LO mode (low mode): For the ease of egress/ingress and loading


0.8 in. (20 mm) lower than the normal rear height

LO mode cannot be selected when vehicle speed exceeds 7 mph (12 km/h).

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