DAC (Downhill Assist Control system)

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The DAC helps to prevent excessive speed on steep downhill slopes.

The system will operate when the vehicle is traveling under 15 mph (25 km/h) and the four-wheel drive control switch is in the L4 position.

System operation

Shift the “DAC” switch to ON.

The downhill assist control indi- cator light comes on and the system will operate.

When the system is in operation, the slip indicator light will flash, and the stop lights/high mounted stop lights will be lit.

Turning off the system

Turning off the system

Shift the “DAC” switch to OFF while the system is in operation. The downhill assist control indicator will flash as the system gradually ceases operation, and will turn off when the system is fully off.

Shift the “DAC” switch to ON while the downhill assist control indi- cator is flashing to start the system again.

Operating tips

The system will operate when the shift lever is in a position other than P, however to make effective use of the system it is recommended that the shift lever be shifted to 2 or 1 range of S mode.

If the four-wheel drive control switch is in H4

The system does not operate.

When the downhill assist control system is operated continuously

This may cause the brake actuator to overheat. In this case, the downhill assist con- trol system will stop operating, a buzzer will sound and the DAC indicator will start flashing, and the TRAC OFF will be shown on the multi-information display. Refrain from using the system until the DAC indicator stays on and the message goes off.

(The vehicle can be driven normally during this time.)

Sounds and vibrations caused by the DAC

• A sound may be heard from the engine compartment when the engine is started or just after the vehicle begins to move. This sound does not indicate that a malfunction has occurred in DAC.

• Either of the following conditions may occur when the DAC is operating. None of these are indicators that a malfunction has occurred.

• Vibrations may be felt through the vehicle body and steering.

• A motor sound may be heard after the vehicle comes to a stop.

System malfunction

• The DAC indicator does not come on when the “ENGINE START STOP” switch is turned to IGNITION ON mode.

• The “DAC” indicator does not come on when the “DAC” switch is pressed.

• The slip indicator comes on.

In the above cases, have your vehicle checked by your Lexus dealer


When using downhill assist control

Do not rely overmuch on the downhill assist control. This function does not extend the vehicle’s performance limitations. Always thoroughly check the road conditions, and drive safely.

The system may not operate on the following surfaces, which may lead to an accident causing death or serious injury

• Slippery surfaces such as wet or muddy roads

• Icy surface

• Unpaved roads

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