Important information about this manual

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For safety reasons, this manual indicates items requiring particular attention with the following marks.


This is a warning against anything which may cause injury to people if the warning is ignored. You are informed about what you must or must not do in order to reduce the risk of injury to yourself and others.


This is a warning against anything which may cause damage to the vehicle or its equipment if the warning is ignored. You are informed about what you must or must not do in order to avoid or reduce the risk of damage to your vehicle and its equipment.


This provides additional information.

Safety Instruction

To use this system in the safest possible manner, follow all the safety tips

To use this system in the safest possible manner, follow all the safety tips shown below.

This system is intended to assist in reaching the destination and, if used properly, can do so. The driver is solely responsible for the safe operation of your vehicle and the safety of your passengers.

Do not use any feature of this system to the extent it becomes a distraction and prevents safe driving. The first priority while driving should always be the safe operation of the vehicle. While driving, be sure to observe all traffic regulations.

Prior to the actual use of this system, learn how to use it and become thoroughly familiar with it. Read the entire Navigation System Owner’s Manual to make sure you understand the system. Do not allow other people to use this system until they have read and understood the instructions in this manual.

For your safety, some functions may become inoperable when driving. Unavailable screen buttons are dimmed. Only when the vehicle is not moving, can the destination and route selection be done.


For safety, the driver should not operate the navigation system while he/she is driving.

Insufficient attention to the road and traffic may cause an accident.

While driving, be sure to obey the traffic regulations and maintain awareness of the road conditions.

If a traffic sign on the road has been changed, route guidance may not have the updated information such as the direction of a one way street.

While driving, listen to the voice instructions as much as possible and glance at the screen briefly and only when it is safe.

However, do not totally rely on voice guidance.

Use it just for reference. If the system cannot determine the current vehicle position correctly, there is a possibility of incorrect, late, or non−voice guidance.

The data in the system may occasionally be incomplete. Road conditions, including driving restrictions (no left turns, street closures, etc.) frequently change. Therefore, before following any instruction from the system, look to see whether the instruction can be done safely and legally.

This system cannot warn about such things as the safety of an area, condition of streets, and availability of emergency services.

If unsure about the safety of an area, do not drive into it. Under no circumstances is this system a substitute for the driver’s personal judgement. Use this system only in locations where it is legal to do so. Some states/provinces may have laws prohibiting the use of video and navigation screens next to the driver.

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