Voice Command System

The voice command system enables the navigation, audio/video, hands-free and air con- ditioning systems to be operated using voice commands.

For details, refer to the “Owner’s Manual” and “Navigation System Owner’s Manual”.

NOTE: When inputting voice commands you must wait until after the beep to speak.

■Basic operation

1 Press  or

1 Press . or - If you know the command:.
- If you know the command: 2 Press again. or - If you do not know the command:again.
- If you do not know the command: Follow the voice guidance to learn the com- mand and then press  or again. again.

3 Say a command after the beep.

■ Important voice commands information and tips
• Voice commands can be used while driving.
• If you know what command to use, you can press at any time to or interrupt the voice guidance. at any time to interrupt the voice guidance.
• Saying “Help” prompts voice guidance to offer examples of commands and operation methods.

■Natural speech information (English only)

Due to natural language speech recognition technology, this system enables recognition of a command when spoken naturally.

*: Say the desired artist name or album name in the place of the “”.

*: Say the desired artist name or album name in the place of the “

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