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Lexus Enform and Safety Connect are subscription-based telematics services that use Global Positioning System (GPS) data, embedded cellular technology an XM® satellite data services to provide safety and security as well as convenience features to subscribers.

Lexus Enform and Safety Connect services are supported by Lexus’ designated response center, which operates 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Lexus Enform service is available by subscription on select, telematics hardware- equipped vehicles.

For details, refer to the “Owner’s Manual” and “Navigation System Owner’s Manual”.


● Apps
Apps is a service that enables the usable contents of a cellular phone to be displayed on and operated from the navigation screen. Before Apps can be used, a few settings need to be performed.

● Safety Connect features
• Automatic collision notification*
• Stolen vehicle location
• Emergency assistance button (SOS)
• Enhanced Roadside Assistance
*: U.S. Patent No. 7,508,298 B2

● Destination Assist
Destination Assist provides you with live assistance for finding destinations via the Lexus Enform response center. You can request either a specific business, address, or ask for help locating your desired destination by category, such as restaurants, gas stations, shopping centers or other points of interest (POI).

After you tell the agent your choice of destination, its coordinates are sent wirelessly to your vehicle’s navigation system.

● eDestination
With the eDestination feature, you can go online, via the owner’s Web site, to select and organize destinations of your choice and then wirelessly send them to your vehicle’s navigation system.

You can store up to 200 locations online to access and update at any time.

Your locations can be organized into up to 20 personalized folders.

You must first go online at to view the Owners site where you will need to register and log in. After this, you can create your personalized folders con- taining the locations you wish to send to your vehicle.

(See Lexus Enform with Safety Connect Guide for more information.) ● Lexus Insider
Lexus Insider is an optional service that can send audio messages, or articles, to partici- pating owner’s vehicles via the navigation system. Potential Lexus Insider subjects might include, for example, Lexus vehicle technology tips, updates on regional Lexus events, or audio excerpts from Lexus Magazine articles. Up to 20 articles can be stored at a time.


After you have signed the Telematics Subscription Service Agreement and are enrolled, you can begin receiving services. A variety of subscription terms is available for purchase.

Contact your Lexus dealer, call 1-800-25-LEXUS (1-800-255-3987), or push the “Desti- nation Assist” button in your vehicle for further subscription details.

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