Automatic transmission 

Select a shift position appropriate for the driving conditions.

Shifting the shift lever

While the “ENGINE START STOP” switch is in IGNITION ON mode, move the shift lever

While the “ENGINE START STOP” switch is in IGNITION ON mode, move the shift lever with the brake pedal depressed.

When shifting the shift lever between P and D, make sure that the vehicle is completely stopped.

Shift position purpose

*1: Shifting to the D position allows the system to select a gear suitable for

*1: Shifting to the D position allows the system to select a gear suitable for the driving conditions. Setting the shift lever to the D position is recommended for normal driving.

*2: Selecting shift ranges using S mode restricts the upper limit of the possible gear ranges, controls engine braking forces, and prevents unnecessary upshifting.

Selecting second start mode

Use second start mode for accelerating and driving on slippery road surfaces such as snow.

1.Press the menu switch.

1.Press the menu switch.

The multi-information display will change modes to electronic features control mode.

2. Press the “ENTER” switch upwards or downwards until “2ND START” appears.

Press the “ENTER” switch to change to “ON”.

Press the “ENTER” switch to change to “ON”.

The “2nd STRT” indicator will be displayed.

Each pressing of the switch turns second start mode on and off.

Press the menu switch to change to the normal display.

Changing shift ranges in S mode

When the shift lever is in the S position, the shift lever can be operated as follows:

1.For upshifting

1.For upshifting

2. For downshifting

The initial shift range in S mode is set automatically to 5 or 4 according to vehicle speed. However, the initial shift range may be set to 3 or 2 if AI- SHIFT has operated while the shift lever was in the D position.

Shift ranges and their functions

• You can choose from 6 levels of engine braking force.

• A lower shift range will provide greater engine braking force than a higher shift range, and the engine speed will also increase.

S mode

When the shift range is 5 or lower, holding the shift lever toward “+” sets the shift range to 6.


AI-SHIFT automatically selects a suitable gear according to driver performance and driving conditions.

AI-SHIFT automatically operates when the shift lever is in the D position. (Shifting the shift lever to the S position cancels the function.) The engine speed remain high after releasing the accelerator pedal. This does not indicate a malfunction.

When driving with the cruise control or dynamic radar cruise control

Engine braking will not occur in S mode, even when downshifting to 5 or 4.

If the shift lever cannot be shifted from P

If the “S” indicator does not come on even after shifting the shift lever to S

This may indicate a malfunction in the automatic transmission system. Have the vehicle inspected by Lexus dealer immediately.

(In this situation, the transmission will operate in the same manner as when the shift lever is in D.)

Downshift restriction warning buzzer (S mode)

To help ensure safety and driving performance, downshifting operation may some- times be restricted. In some circumstances, downshifting may not be possible even when the shift lever is operated. (A buzzer will sound twice.)


When driving on slippery road surfaces

Do not accelerate or shift gears suddenly. Sudden changes in engine braking may cause the vehicle to spin or skid, resulting in an accident.

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