How do I request arbitration?

To initiate arbitration, you must complete an NCDS customer claim form and mail it to NCDS. A claim form is included in the Lemon Law Guide located in your vehicle, or you may request a form by calling NCDS at (866) 272-4872. When you call, please have ready your vehicle identification number (VIN), the names of your selling and servicing dealerships, and the current mileage on your Lexus.

In addition to completing the customer claim form, please provide NCDS with the following information:

• Vehicle year, make, model, VIN, mileage and date of purchase.

• A brief description of your complaint and the actions you have taken to resolve it.

• What action or remedy you believe would resolve your problem.

If you are seeking reimbursement for repairs or incidental expenses, please provide copies of applicable receipts.

Send your request to:

National Center for Dispute Settlement

P.O. Box 457

Mt. Clemens, MI 48046

Upon receipt of your request, NCDS will contact you regarding the status of your case and supply you with additional details about the program.

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