Touch screen

By touching the screen with your finger, you can control the audio system and air conditioning system, and adjust the screen display etc.

Initial screen

Initial screen


If the “ENGINE START STOP” switch is turned to ACCESSORY or IGNITION ON mode, the initial screen will be displayed for a few seconds as the system starts up.

Images shown on the initial screen can be changed to suit individual preferences.

Adjusting the display

The contrast and brightness of the screen display and the image the camera displays can be adjusted. (For information regarding audio/ video screen adjustment:

touch “Display” on thePress the “SETUP” button and the touch “Display” on the “Setup” screen.

display the desiredTouch “Map•Menu” or “Camera” to display the desired screen.

Display screen (Map•Menu)

If the map menu adjust screen

If the map menu adjust screen does not appear, touch “Map•Menu”.

Display screen (Camera)

If the camera adjust screen does

If the camera adjust screen does not appear, touch “Camera”.

desired function (“Contrast”Touch “<” or “>” to select the desired function (“Contrast” or “Brightness”) and then touch the desired screen button to adjust contrast and brightness.

After adjusting the screen, touch

“OK”.After adjusting the screen, touch “OK”.

- When using the touch screen
l If the screen is cold, the display may be dark, or the system may seem to be operating slightly slower than normal.
l To operate the touch screen, press touch screen buttons properly with finger pad.
l When dew condensation occurs inside the touch screen, it is sometimes difficult to operate the display properly. In such case, please leave the screen untouched and do not operate the touch screen until dew conden- sation disappears.
l When the screen is viewed through polarized sunglasses, a rainbow pat- tern may appear on the screen due to optical characteristics of the screen.
If this is disturbing, please operate the screen without polarized sun- glasses.
l Dimmed screen buttons cannot be operated.

- Changing between day mode and night mode

To display the screen in day mode, even

To display the screen in day mode, even with the headlight switch on, touch “Day Mode” for brightness and contrast con- trol.

If the screen is set to day mode with the headlight switch turned on, this condi- tion is memorized even with the engine.

In the following conditions, the displays condition is not changed to night mode even if the headlight switch is turned on: • The instrument panel light control switch is turned fully to the right.
• The vehicle is in a bright area such as daytime.

- To turn off the display
The display goes off when “Screen Off” is touched. To turn the “Display” screen back on, press any button. The selected screen appears.


- To avoid damaging the touch screen
l To prevent damaging the screen, lightly touch the screen buttons with your finger pad.
l Do not operate or rub the screen with a ballpoint pen, a mechanical pencil, finger nail, a pointy and/or hard object because this will damage the screen.
l Do not use objects other than your finger to touch the screen.
l When wiping the touch screen, it is advisable to wipe with a soft and dry cloth wrapped around the finger. Do not use chemical cleaners to clean the touch screen. Also, be careful not to apply excessive force on the screen.

Inputting letters and numbers/list screen operation

Letters and numbers can be input via the screen.

- To input letters and numbers/symbols

Letters and numbers

Touch the keys directly to enter

Touch the keys directly to enter letters, numbers or symbols.

acter. Touch and hold to: Touch to erase one char- acter. Touch and hold to continue erasing charac- ters.
“A-Z”:To change letters and numbers
“Other”: To display symbols
: To enter in upper case: To enter in lower case
►Symbols: To enter in upper case


- Layout type

- Layout type
Keyboard layout can be changed.

“ABC” type

►“QWERTY” type

“QWERTY” type

- List screen operation

- List screen operation

When a list is displayed, use the

When a list is displayed, use the appropriate screen button to scroll through the list.

or previous page. Touch: Touch to skip to the next or previous page. Touch and hold to scroll or through the displayed list. to scroll through the displayed list.

played screen’s position.: This indicates the dis- played screen’s position.

appears to the right:If of an item name, the com- appears to the right of an item name, the com- plete name is too long for the display. Touchscroll to the end of the to scroll to the end of the name. Touch to the beginning of the to move to the beginning of the name.

- If you touch The display returns to the previous screen.
The display returns to the previous screen.

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