Using the video mode

Using the port

Open the cover.

Open the cover.

The A/V input port is composed of 3 input ports.

Yellow: Video input port White: Left channel audio input port Red: Right channel audio input port

Selecting the video mode

Press the “VIDEO” button, or

Press the “VIDEO” button, or select “A/V” on the source screen to select the video mode.

Changing to PAL format

Press the “SETTING” button.

Press the “SETTING” button.

Turn “PAL VIDEO” on when

Turn “PAL VIDEO” on when PAL format equipment is connected to the A/V input port.

“PAL VIDEO” indicator is highlighted.

Setting LCD AI

Automatically determines the tone of the video image and sets the contrast to an optimum level, displaying a sharp image.

Select “LCD AI”.

Select “LCD AI”.

“LCD AI” indicator is highlighted.

Setting the display mode

controller.Press the “SETTING” button on the controller.

screen.Select “Screen Size” tab on the screen.

Select “Normal”, “Wide1” or

Select “Normal”, “Wide1” or “Wide2”.

Adjusting the screen

controller.Press the “SETTING” button on the controller.

Select the color, tone, contrast

Select the color, tone, contrast or brightness, and make adjustments.

Select “OK”.

- A/V input port

- A/V input port
The rear seat entertainment system plays videos and sound when audiovideo equipment is connected to the A/V input port. For details, refer to the manufacturer’s instructions.

- Power outlet
The power outlet is used to connect the audio-video equipment.

- To turn off the display

Select “Screen off” on the screen.

Select “Screen off” on the screen.

To turn the display back on, press the “SOURCE”, “DISC”, “VIDEO” or “SETTING” button on the controller.


- When the A/V input port is not in use
Keep the A/V input port cover closed.

Inserting anything other than an appropriate plug may cause electrical failure or a short circuit.

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