Floor mats

Use only floor mats designed specifically for vehicles of the same model and model year as your vehicle. Fix them securely in place onto the carpet.

Insert the retaining hooks

Insert the retaining hooks (clips) into the floor mat eye- lets.

Turn the upper knob of each

Turn the upper knob of each retaining hook (clip) to secure the floor mats in place.

*:Always align the The shape of the retaining hooks (clips) may differ from that shown in marks.

The shape of the retaining hooks (clips) may differ from that shown in


Observe the following precautions.

Failure to do so may cause the driver’s floor mat to slip, possibly interfering with the pedals while driving. An unexpectedly high speed may result or it may become difficult to stop the vehicle, leading to a serious accident.

- When installing the driver’s floor mat
l Do not use floor mats designed for other models or different model year vehicles, even if they are Lexus Genuine floor mats.
l Only use floor mats designed for the driver’s seat.
l Always install the floor mat securely using the retaining hooks (clips) pro- vided.
l Do not use two or more floor mats on top of each other.
l Do not place the floor mat bottom-side up or upside-down.

- Before driving

l Check that the floor mat is securely

l Check that the floor mat is securely fixed in the correct place with all the provided retaining hooks (clips). Be especially careful to perform this check after cleaning the floor.
l With the engine stopped and the shift lever in “P”, fully depress each pedal to the floor to make sure it does not inter- fere with the floor mat.

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