Engine (Ignition) Switch

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With the electronic key on your person, the engine can be started by simply pressing the “ENGINE START STOP” switch, while depressing the brake pedal.

(The mechanical key cannot be used to start the engine.)

■Starting the engine

Make sure the parking brake is engaged and the

Make sure the parking brake is engaged and the shift lever is in “P”.

Depress the brake pedal.

1 The “ENGINE START STOP” switch indicator light turns green.

2 Press the “ENGINE START STOP” switch.

■Stopping the engine

1 Engage the parking brake and shift the shift lever to “P”.

2 Press the “ENGINE START STOP” switch.

■Changing “ENGINE START STOP” switch modes

To change “ENGINE START STOP” switch modes without turning on the engine, press the “ENGINE START STOP” switch without depressing the brake pedal. The modes can be changed in the following order:

Automatic Transmission

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