Functional overview

Lexus Enform with Safety Connect is a generic name for Apps, Destination Assist, eDestination, Lexus Insider, and Safety Connect.

The functions included in Lexus Enform with Safety Connect are classified into the fol- lowing three types.

Type A: Function achieved by using a cellular phone
Type B: Function achieved by using an embedded cellular device in the vehicle (DCM: Data Communication Module) and the navigation system
Type C: Function achieved by using DCM

● Each function is available in the

Each function is available in the following areas.
• Apps is available in the 48 states, D.C. and Alaska.
• Destination Assist and eDestination are available in the contiguous 48 states and D.C.
• Lexus Insider is available in the contiguous 48 states and Canada.
• Safety Connect is available in the United States (except Hawaii) but is not available in Canada.

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