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Of the functions included with Lexus Enform with Safety Connect, only Apps can be achieved by using a cellular phone.

Apps is a service that enables the usable contents of a cellular phone to be displayed on and operated from the navigation screen. Before Apps can be used, a few settings need to be performed.

*: For known compatible phones, refer to http://www.lexus.com/bluetooth/.

*: For known compatible phones, refer to http://www.lexus.com/bluetooth/.



Apps will be available on a trial period included upon purchase of a new vehicle.

User registration is required to start using the service.
When a trial period has elapsed after pur- chasing a new vehicle, a fee will be charged to renew the contract.*
  Services requiring a separate contract can also be used.*

*: For details, refer to http://www.lexus.com/ enform/ or call 1-800-255-3987.


Apps is available in the 48 states, D.C. and Alaska.


●When using Apps, depending on the details of your cellular phone contract, data usage fees may apply. Confirm data usage fees before using this service.
●In this section, the required operations to activate “Apps”, connect a cellular phone to the navigation system and registration steps for Apps are explained. For details regarding Apps operations and each of the “Apps”, refer to http:// www.lexus.com/enform/.


The personal data used in “Apps” can be reset.

●The following personal data can be deleted and returned to their default settings:
• Downloaded contents
• Radio stations that were listened to
• Input history


●Once initialized, data will be erased. Pay close attention when initializing the data.



Perform the settings in the following order.

In order to use Apps, the following settings

In order to use Apps, the following settings must first be performed: ● User registration with the service contract
●Download the Apps application onto your cellular phone, and login to the application.
●Register the cellular phone that the Apps application was downloaded to with the navigation system.
●Register a Bluetooth® phone with the hands-free system. (For detailed informa- tion about registration and settings, refer to “Owner’s Manual, Registering a Bluetooth® phone”.)


When purchasing the vehicle, an email address is registered at your Lexus deal- er. If your email address was not regis- tered at your Lexus dealer, your email address can be registered at the Apps website. A user registration guidance email containing a web address will be sent.

1 Perform user registration from the des- ignated web address.


●If your email address was not registered at your Lexus dealer when the vehicle was purchased, an email address can be registered at http://www.lexus.com/ enform/.


1 Download the Apps application using your cellular phone.

2 Run the Apps application on your cellu- lar phone.

3 Enter a user name and password into the Apps application. Login to the appli- cation.


●“Apps” can only be used when the Apps application has been downloaded to your cellular phone and the application is run- ning.
●Apps operational procedures can also be confirmed by visiting http:// www.lexus.com/enform/.
●In order to use “Apps”, it is necessary to run the Apps application, enter your user name and password and display the main menu on the cellular phone.
●An iPhone cannot be connected via Bluetooth® and USB connection at the same time. However, it is possible to recharge an iPhone while using Apps by connecting via USB. The system uses the connection method that was used last.

Therefore, if connected via USB after Bluetooth® connection, it is necessary to reconnect the iPhone via Bluetooth®.

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