Electronic key battery

Replace the battery with a new one if it is depleted.

 - You will need the following items:

• Flathead screwdriver

• Small Phillips-head screwdriver

• Lithium battery (CR1632)

 - Replacing the battery

Take out the mechanical key.

Take out the mechanical key.

Remove the cover.

Remove the cover.

To prevent damage to the key, cover the tip of the screwdriver with a rag.

Remove the depleted battery.

Remove the depleted battery.

Insert a new battery with the “+” terminal facing up.

 - Use a CR1632 lithium battery

• Batteries can be purchased at your Lexus dealer, local electrical appliance shops or camera stores.

• Replace only with the same or equivalent type recommended by the manufac- turer.

• Dispose of used batteries according to the local laws.

 - If the electronic key battery is discharged

The following symptoms may occur.

• The smart access system with push-button start and wireless remote control will not function properly.

• The operational range is reduced.


 - Removed battery and other parts

Keep away from children. These parts are small and if swallowed by a child, they can cause choking. Failure to do so could result in death or serious injury.


For normal operation after replacing the battery

Observe the following precautions to prevent accidents.

• Always work with dry hands.

Moisture may cause the battery to rust.

• Do not touch or move any other components inside the remote control.

• Do not bend the battery terminals.

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