Items to initialize

The following items must be initialized for normal system operation in cases such as after the battery is reconnected, or maintenance is performed on the vehicle.

For owners

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    If you lose your keys
    New genuine Lexus keys can be made by your Lexus dealer, using the other keys and the key number stamped on your key number plate. If communication between the electronic key and vehicle is inter- ...

    Radio operation
    (a) Listening to the radio Push the “AM·FM” button, or push the “AUDIO” button to display audio screen and touch “AM” or “FM” tabs to choose either an AM or FM station. “AM” ...

    Defogging the windshield
    Defogging The air intake is automatically switched to (outside air) mode. It is not possible to recircu- lated air mode when the switch is on. The air conditioning system oper- ates automaticall ...