Quick reference (“Information” screen)

Lexus GX / Lexus GX Owners Manual / Appendix / Quick reference (“Information” screen)

This screen can be used to display the calendar and information on operation of the hands−free phone, etc. To display the “Information” screen, push the “INFO/PHONE” button.

1. “Phone”

1. “Phone”

To view hands free phone information.

2. “Fuel Consumption”

Fuel consumption is displayed.

3. “Map Data”

Displays information regarding the map data disc version or coverage area.

4. “Calendar”

To view calendar.

5. “XM NavWeather”

To display the “XM NavWeather” screen.

6. “XM Stocks”

To display the “XM Stocks” screen.

7. “XM Sports”

To display the “XM Sports” screen.

8. “LEXUS Insider”

To display the “LEXUS Insider” screen.

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