Adjusting sound quality and volume balance

iPod menu mode. Press the “TUNE/SEL” knob to enter iPod menu mode.

sound modes. Pressing the “TUNE/SEL” knob changes sound modes.

 - About iPod

• Apple is not responsible for the operation of this device or its compliance with safety and regulatory standards.

• iPod is a trade mark of Apple inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

 - iPod functions

• When an iPod is connected and the audio source is changed to iPod mode, the iPod will resume play from the same point in which it was last used.

• Depending on the iPod that is connected to the system, certain functions may not be available. Disconnecting the device and reconnecting it once again may resolve some malfunctions.

 - iPod problems

To resolve most problems encountered when using your iPod, disconnect your iPod from the vehicle iPod connection and reset it.

For instructions on how to reset your iPod, refer to your iPod Owner’s Manual.

 - Display

 - Error messages

“ERROR”: This indicates a problem in the iPod or its connection.

“NO MUSIC”: This indicates that there is no music data in the iPod.

“EMPTY”: This indicates that an empty playlist is selected.

“UPDATE”: This indicates that the version of the iPod is not compatible.

Upgrade your iPod software to the latest version.

 - Compatible models

Depending on differences between models or software version etc., some models

Depending on differences between models or software version etc., some models listed above might be incompatible with this system.

iPod 4th generation and earlier models are not compatible with this system.

iPhone, iPod mini, iPod shuffle and iPod photo are not compatible with this system.

Items related to standards and limitations are as follows:

• Maximum number of lists in device: 9999

• Maximum number of songs in device: 65535

• Maximum number of songs per list: 65535


 - Caution while driving

Do not connect iPod or operate the controls.


 - To prevent damage to iPod

• Do not leave iPod in the vehicle. The temperature inside the vehicle may become high, resulting in damage to the player.

• Do not push down on or apply unnecessary pressure to the iPod while it is con- nected as this may damage the iPod or its terminal.

• Do not insert foreign objects into the port as this may damage the iPod or its ter- minal.

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