Setting a cellular phone

Registering a cellular phone in the hands-free phone system allows the system to function. The following functions can be used for registered cellular phones:

 - Functions and operation procedures

To enter the menu for each function, follow the steps below using a voice command or the “TUNE/SEL” knob:

• Registering a cellular phone

1. “Setup” → 2. “Phone Setup” → 3. “Pair Phone”

• Selecting a cellular phone to be used

1. “Setup” → 2. “Phone Setup” → 3. “Connect Phone (Connect)”

• Changing the registered name of a cellular phone

1. “Setup” → 2. “Phone Setup” → 3. “Change Name”

• Listing the registered cellular phones

1. “Setup” → 2. “Phone Setup” → 3. “List Phones”

• Changing the passkey

1. “Setup” → 2. “Phone Setup” → 3. “Set Passkey”

• Deleting a registered cellular phone

1. “Setup” → 2. “Phone Setup” → 3. “Delete Phone”

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