Do-it-yourself service precautions

If you perform maintenance yourself, be sure to follow the correct procedure given in these sections.



The engine compartment contains many mechanisms and fluids that may move sud- denly, become hot, or become electrically energized. To avoid death or serious injury, observe the following precautions:

 - When working on the engine compartment

• Keep hands, clothing, and tools away from the moving fan and engine drive belt.

• Be careful not to touch the engine, radiator, exhaust manifold, etc. right after driv- ing as they may be hot. Oil and other fluids may also be hot.

• Do not leave anything that may burn easily, such as paper or rags, in the engine compartment.

• Do not smoke, cause sparks or expose an open flame to fuel or the battery. Fuel and battery fumes are flammable.

• Be extremely cautious when working on the battery. It contains poisonous and corrosive sulfuric acid.

 - When working near the electric cooling fans or radiator grille:

Be sure the “ENGINE START STOP” switch is off.

With the “ENGINE START STOP” switch in IGNITION ON mode, the electric cooling fans may automatically start to run if the air conditioning is on and/or the coolant temperature is high.

 - Safety glasses

Wear safety glasses to prevent flying or falling material, fluid spray, etc. from getting in your eyes.


 - If you remove the air cleaner filter

Driving with the air cleaner filter removed may cause excessive engine wear due to dirt in the air. Also a backfire could cause a fire in the engine compartment.

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