Replace or rotate tires in accordance with maintenance schedules and treadwear.

 - Checking tires

1. New tread

1. New tread

2. Treadwear indicator

3. Worn tread

The location of treadwear indi- cators is shown by the “TWI” or “Δ” marks, etc., molded on the sidewall of each tire.

Check spare tire condition and pressure if not rotated.

 - Tire rotation

Rotate the tires in the order shown.

To equalize tire wear and extend tire life, Lexus recommends that tire rotation is carried out at the same interval as tire inspection.

 - The tire pressure warning system

 - The tire pressure warning system

Your Lexus is equipped with a tire pressure warning system that uses tire pressure warning valves and transmitters to detect low tire infla- tion pressure before serious problems arise.

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