Have the malfunction repaired immediately.

After taking the specified steps to correct the suspected problem, check that the warning message and light go off.

Other messages

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    Selecting tire chains
    Use the correct tire chain size when mounting the tire chains. Chain size is regulated for each tire size. Side chain:  1. Side chain (0.20 in. [5 mm] in diameter) 2. Cross chain (0.25 in ...

    Range covered by each camera
    1. Wide view front monitor 2. Side monitor The illustration shown here is an example. As such, the actual visible area may be different. See P. 294 for information about the visual range of each ...

    Destination search by “Address Book”
    1. Push the “DEST” button. 2. Touch “Address Book” on the “Destination” screen. A list of registered address book entries is displayed. 3. Touch the button of the desired address book ...