Opening the fuel tank cap

Perform the following steps to open the fuel tank cap.

- Before refueling the vehicle
l Turn the “ENGINE START STOP” switch OFF and ensure that all the doors and windows are closed.
l Confirm the type of fuel.

- Opening the fuel tank cap

Pull the lever.

Pull the lever.

Turn the fuel tank cap slowly

Turn the fuel tank cap slowly to open.

Hang the fuel tank cap on the

Hang the fuel tank cap on the back of the fuel filler door.

Closing the fuel tank cap

When replacing the fuel tank

When replacing the fuel tank cap, turn it until a clicking sound is heard.

After releasing your hand, the cap will turn slightly to the opposite direction.

- Fuel types
Use premium unleaded gasoline. (Octane Rating 91 [Research Octane Number 96] or higher)


- Refueling the vehicle
Observe the following precautions while refueling the vehicle.

Failure to do so, may result in death or serious injury.

l Touch the vehicle or some other metal surface to discharge any static electricity.

Sparks resulting from discharging static electricity may cause the fuel vapors to ignite.
l Always hold the grips on the fuel tank cap and turn it slowly to remove it.

A whooshing sound may be heard when the fuel tank cap is loosened.

Wait until the sound cannot be heard before fully removing the cap.

In hot weather, pressurized fuel may spray out of the filler neck and cause injury.

l Do not allow anyone that has not discharged static electricity from their bodies to come close to an open fuel tank.
l Do not inhale vaporized fuel.
Fuel contains substances that are harmful if inhaled.

l Do not smoke while refueling the vehicle.
Doing so may cause the fuel to ignite and cause a fire.

l Do not return to the vehicle or touch any person or object that is statically charged.
This may cause static electricity to build up, resulting in a possible ignition hazard.

- When replacing the fuel tank cap
Do not use anything but a genuine Lexus fuel tank cap designed for your vehicle. Failure to do so may cause a fire or other incident which may result in death or serious injury.


- Refueling
Do not spill fuel during refueling.

Failure to do so may damage the vehicle, such as causing the exhaust systems to operate abnormally or damaging fuel system components or the vehicle’s painted surface.

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