Theft Deterrent System

The theft deterrent system includes the following features to help protect your vehicle from theft.

■Immobilizer system

The immobilizer system prevents the engine from

The immobilizer system prevents the engine from being started in the event that an attempt is made to start the vehicle using an unregistered key.

The security indicator light flashes to indicate that the system is set.


The system sounds the alarm and flashes light when an attempt to steal the vehicle is detected.

To set the alarm: close the side doors, back door and hood, and lock all doors. The indicator light comes on to indicate that the alarm is in its preparation state. When the indicator light begins to flash, the system is armed.

To deactivate or stop the alarm: start the engine, or unlock the doors using the entry function or the wireless remote control.

■Steering lock

The steering lock is engaged when the driver’s

The steering lock is engaged when the driver’s door is opened with the “ENGINE START STOP” switch OFF.

When the steering lock cannot be released, the green indicator light on the “ENGINE START STOP” switch will flash and a message will be shown on the multi-information display. To release it, press the “ENGINE START STOP” switch while gently turning the wheel left or right.

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