Power outlet (120 V AC)

The power outlet can be used for 120 V AC accessories that run on less than 100 W.

Luggage compartment (vehicles without third seats)

Luggage compartment (vehicles with third seats)

Luggage compartment (vehicles with third seats)

 - The power outlet can be used when

 - The power outlet can be used when

The “ENGINE START STOP” switch is in IGNITION ON mode.

 - The protection circuit may be activated to cut the power supply if any of the following conditions apply:

• Use of electrical appliances exceeding 100 W is attempted.

A sound may be heard when the protection circuit is activated. This is normal and does not indicate a malfunction.

• The total power usage by all electrical features (headlights, air conditioning, etc.) has exceeded the total vehicle maximum for an extended period of time.

 - If the protection circuit is activated and the power supply is cut, conduct the following procedure:

and then securely apply the parking brake. Park the vehicle in a safe place, and then securely apply the parking brake.

of the electric appliance is within the maximum capacity of the power outlet and Make sure that the power consumption of the electric appliance is within the maximum capacity of the power outlet and the appliance is not bro- ken.

to IGNITION ON mode again. Turn the “ENGINE START STOP” switch to IGNITION ON mode again.

When the cabin temperature is high, open the windows to cool the temperature down. Once it reaches the normal temperature, turn the “ENGINE START STOP” switch to IGNITION ON mode again.

If the power supply does not resume even after the above procedure has been per- formed, have the vehicle inspected by your Lexus dealer.


 - Using a power outlet

Observe the following precautions to reduce the risk of injury.

• Use of the power outlet when it is wet with water or snow may result in electrical shocks and is extremely dangerous. The power outlet must be thoroughly dried before use.

• Do not allow children to use or play with the power outlet.

• Be careful not to get any part of your body caught in the power outlet lid.

• When using electrical appliances, strictly follow any cautions and notices written on their labels and in the manufacturers’ instruction manuals.

• Do not modify, disassemble or repair the power outlet or its inverter in any way.

Doing so may result in unexpected malfunctions or accidents, which could cause serious damage or injuries. Contact your Lexus dealer for any necessary repairs.

 - To prevent injuries and accidents, secure all electric appliances before use and do not use any appliances that may do any of the following:

• Distract the driver while driving, or hamper safe driving.

• Result in a fire or burn injuries due to the appliance rolling, falling or overheating while driving.

• Emit steam while the windows of the cabin are closed.


 - To prevent unexpected accidents, such as electric shocks, do not perform any of the following actions:

• Using the power outlet for electric heaters while sleeping.

• Contaminating the power outlet with liquid substances or mud.

• Handling electrical appliance plugs at the power outlet with wet hands or feet.

• Inserting foreign objects into the power outlet.

• Using malfunctioning electric appliances.

• Inserting inappropriate or badly fitting plugs into the power outlet.


 - To avoid damaging the power outlet and the plug

• Close the power outlet lid when not in use.

• Do not allow foreign objects or liquids to enter the power outlet, as this may cause a short circuit.

• Do not use plug adaptors to connect too many plugs to the power outlet.

• After removing a plug, gently close the power outlet lid.

 - To prevent the fuse from being blown

Do not use a 120 V AC appliance that requires more than 100 W.

If a 120 V AC appliance that consumes more than 100 W is used, the protection circuit will cut the power supply.


 - Appliances that may not operate properly (120 V AC)

The following 120 V AC appliances may not operate even if their power consumption is under 100 W.

• Appliances with high initial peak wattage

• Measuring devices that process precise data.

• Other appliances that require an extremely stable power supply

 - To prevent battery discharge

Turn off all the vehicle’s electronic equipment and accessories, such as the head- lights and air conditioning, when electrical appliances that consume in excess of 100 W are used continuously for long periods of time.

 - To prevent any damage caused by heat

• Do not use any electrical appliances that give off intense heat, such as toasters, in any locations including the internal or external trim, seats and deck.

• Do not use any electrical appliances that are easily affected by vibration or heat inside the vehicle. Vibration while driving, or the heat of the sun while parking, may result in damage to those electrical appliances.

 - If any electrical appliances are to be used while driving

Securely fasten both the appliances and their cables to prevent them from falling or getting caught in any of the power train components.

 - If the power outlet is loose when an electrical appliance plug is connected

Replace the outlet. Contact your Lexus dealer for any necessary replacements.

 - If the power outlet gets dirty

Turn the main switch off and use a soft, clean cloth to wipe it gently. Do not use any cleansing materials, such as organic solvents, wax, or compound cleaners, as these may damage the power outlet or cause it to malfunction.

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