How does the arbitration process work?

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When NCDS receives your request, it will be forwarded to the Lexus area office for response.

At the request of either party or the arbitrators, NCDS may schedule a technical inspection. This may include an inspection of the vehicle by an independent tech nical expert with a Lexus representative present. The technical expert will forward his or her evaluation to NCDS.

An oral hearing will be held prior to a decision being rendered. At this hearing, all relevant evidence is admissible. You and a Lexus representative will present both sides of the case to the NCDS arbitrator(s).

You will each be given an equal opportunity to give testimony and provide documents. Then you will each be given an opportunity for rebuttal. After considering all testimony and documents, the arbitrator(s)

will review the applicable legal standards and render a decision within 10 days.

A settlement satisfactory to all parties may be negotiated at any time during the process.

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